Development to Dissemination

  • Main Goal: The D2D project, which stands for "Development to Dissemination" and vice versa, builds on the results of the C2CI project and aims at creating a process that enables developed innovations to be commercialized across the NSR. D2D will provide NSR and a wider audience with the means by which project results can be taken through a development process securing a viable, self-sustaining commercial future for them. The D2D will focus on pooling together all existing knowledge and expertise to establish a transnational incubator facility that has never been available within Europe before.
  • Partners: The Netherlands: Province of Fryslān, Department of European Programmes & Projects; Delft University of Technology. Denmark: Samsų Energy Academy; Aalborg University. United Kingdom: International Resources and Recycling Institute. Sweden: Lund University. Germany: Landkreis North Friesland; Insel- und Halligkonferenz. Belgium: Flanders InShape.
  • Funder: The North Sea Region Programme. The project activity in Scotland has been matched funded by Highlands and Islands Enterprise.
  • Website: Project website:
  • Project Lifetime: July 2013 - June 2015





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